A total body workout Anywhere you want to be


Designed for an intense total body workout - build and strengthen


Don't miss a workout! The Travel Bow fits in your carry-on or gym bag.


Built for total body workouts that tone, tighten and burn fat.

Total body. Total Freedom.

Defy gravity with resistance training and go where free weights will never take you. With Gorilla Bow’s stress-free ergonomics, you can perform countless workouts in almost any position, making it the most versatile tool in your gym arsenal.

Strength Through Resistance

Gorilla Bow resistance bands provide continuous tension throughout the full range of motion. Durable, lightweight construction and variable resistance enables a wide range of goals to be achieved.

Work It All

Strengthen shoulders with overhead and push presses, and the chest with pushups, pullovers and bench presses. Stabilize your glutes with squats and deadlifts, and quads with squats, lunges and extensions. Develop rock hard abdominals with planks, leg raises and stable crunches.

Aircraft Quality

Gorilla Bows are constructed using aircraft-grade aluminum; Light but built to handle hundreds of pounds of tension for an intense total body workout.

Gary K.

It's so convenient to pull the bow out, slap some bands on and immediately start working out. Love the results I'm getting from the resistance vs. weights. 

Results. Not Complexity.

Pick up a Bow, put on bands and workout. That’s it. No complex set up, plugging in or waiting for a class - just get it done and get results.

Forrest L Gorilla Bow testimonial

Forrest L.

I absolutely love my Gorilla Bow. I can take it anywhere, the resistance bands give a legit workout, and everyone asks me what the heck it is. 

Top 10 Ranking

Ezvid Wiki ranks Gorilla Bow among the Top 10 Portable Home Gyms.

Sam R.

Me and my three teens use it regularly, and argue over whose turn it is to use it! We’re not  able to go to the gym, but bought this we’re starting to tone up. 

Gorilla Lifespan

Gorilla Bands feature a multi-layer 100% natural Latex construction.

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Personal Training

Let certified pro trainers guide you through workouts customized to your exact fitness goals.

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Learn how to improve balance, build muscle and increase acceleration and speed.

Unleash Your Beast

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Which bow is right for you?


The all-in-one home gym, provides a total body workout by combining an ancient weapon with modern resistance band technology. Change tension in seconds, then flow through shoulder, chest, leg and core workouts.


The Gorilla Bow Lite is designed to tone, tighten and burn fat. With a max resistance of 150 lb and 9" shorter than our original bow, it makes for nimble close range movements and high-intensity workouts.


Collapsible, portable and light, Gorilla Bow Travel delivers a full body workout at home, in the office or on the fly. At only 6 lb Gorilla Bow Travel breaks down into three 21-inch pieces, and fits in your backpack, gym bag or carry-on.